martes, 26 de mayo de 2009

Puma Density Study Underway

Good puma management requires knowledge of puma population density. Given their low densities and cryptic and crepuscular nature, biologists have long struggled with the challenges of censusing puma populations and have only overcome this problem through long-term radio telemetry studies that attempt to mark all the animals in the population. However, recently Kelly et al. (2008) developed a camera trapping methodology to successfully census pumas in Central America and a forested environment in South America. Currently, no reliable estimate exists for puma populations in temperate rainforest, nor have puma densities been estimated outside of a national park or reserve using camera traps. Considering the Darwin Initiative´s extensive experience with camera trapping, we are ideally placed to assess puma density in the Araucanía Lake Region. Camera trapping work began on April 20th and will continue until July 20th.

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